GroBoto Concepts • DirigiTron
High Rez 2D Concept & Design Package •
Non-Commercial License Included

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DirigiTron Concept

  • Highly Realized Airship Concept.
  • Aerial Jumbo-Screen Display System
  • Compressed Air powered

In the ZIP Package

5 High Rez Grouped/Layered Photoshop files:
  • Detailed Multi-Layer, Multi-View Blueprint with major Airship components in separate layers for isolation/clarity.
  • 2 Multi-Layer, Full-Craft Views. Alternate Line Drawing Layers and Editable text.
  • Customizable Image on Drigitron's Screen - Fully Automated via PS Action.
  • Two perspective Detail Shots w/editable text layers.
  • All created with ultra-clean, descriptive line work — Not based on meshes.
  • 4 Photoshop images 4000px wide, one at 3500px wide.

Quicktime Movie:See the turntable movie
  • Simple 360 degree turntable of the SoliScooter. Quicktime Player required.
Photoshop Action:
  • Automatically places and fits an image on to the DirigTron's Screen.
  • Placed image is fully integrated into illo - including receiving cast shadows.

  • Illustrated PDF File - Notes about setup, Layers and Groups of Photoshop files.
  • Illustrated Instructions for the Action in that same 3-Page PDF.
  • Concept Description - Notions on Technologies/Storyline and possible uses.

I've worked to provide high aesthetic quality and useful imagery — beautiful presentation materials, if you are going that route — and just pleasant to look at and work with.

Note: The Photoshop files use Adobe's Lithos Pro font (has shipped with Photoshop for many years, so you probably have it). Alternate, duplicate, text layers in Helvetica are provided in every file.

Image Samples • Sizes Appoximate

DirigiTron Full View • Layered Photoshop • 4000 x 2600px


DirigiTron Blueprint • Layered Photoshop • 3500 x 2100px


DirigiTron Detail • Layered Photoshop • 4000 x 2100px