GroBoto and C4D make a great Modeling Combo.
...and our Special Pricing makes it a Great value...


xenoHelmet• Darrel Anderson
Modeled & Meshed in GroBoto • Additional Modeling, Texturing and Rendering in C4D®
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GroBoto Lives On (Important Please read PDF linked below)
We know we have been inexcusably uncommunicative about the progress of GroBoto Development and updates regarding v4.

We apologize.
It's a long story This pdf tells that story, and offers some answers:

Open Letter to GroBoto Community - Read PDF Online

News! New pricing policy extended through August 28 2013.
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We think GroBoto is well worth it's full $100 price...
We also understand that
everyone needs to save a buck these days, and you are likely to be cautious about buying software from small outfits like us.

What does GroBoto's future hold? Are these guys going to continue to improve & refine the app?

BTW - You don't have to take our word on the value of GroBoto... Please take a look at our Kudos Page.

Our new pricing policy lets you Pick your GroBoto v3 Price.

You can choose to pay less for GroBoto now, and pay the full upgrade price for v4 ($50 USD), when it's released (2014). You are not obligated to upgrade, so if GroBoto has not evolved to your satisfaction, you have spent very little, and still have a unique, fun, useful tool (v3).

Or... you can opt to pay more now, and get a discount on your v4 upgrade (all the way up to a free v4 Upgrade).

V3 Purchase PriceV4 Upgrade PriceTotal for v3 & v4*

*There is no obligation to purchase a v4 Upgrade with any of these v3 options.

GroBoto v3 Price Codes. Enter in Cart Window when ordering:

$40 Code: 78BRDS40
$50 Code: 52BXFG50
$60 Code: 37BPBK60
$70 Code: 84BZAA70

Already own GroBoto v3? These same Upgrade Prices will be applied retroactively to all previous purchasers of GroBoto v3 when they upgrade to v4. That way all owners end up having paid a similar amount for the combo of v3 & v4