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Mac aOS X GroBoto 3 Installation and Must Read Notes
Current Version: 3.3.0 - Released 08.13.12

Valid version 3 registration number required.
If you are not a registered user, or need to upgrade from version 2, please visit our Store.

Be sure to read the release notes (you'll find them inside of the GroBoto Folder).

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When the download is complete, the GroBoto disk image will mount.
You should see this window. Just drag and drop the GroBoto Folder onto the Applications Folder icon.

If you have GroBoto v2 installed, all of the files in your Documents/Braid Art Labs/GroBoto folder (and all of it’s subfolders) will be preserved.

For Help with Registering GroBoto or Activating the Trial Version, please see the bottom of this page.

Ways to improve GroBoto Performance
  • Render Mode - greatly affects drawing speed. Quickline is the fastest Render Mode (5 to 10 times faster than shaded modes). Render Modes are found In GroBoto's right-side panels, second tab, Display Settings.
  • Cast Shadows - With simpler models and/or a fast computer, working in shaded modes may be perfectly fine, especially if you turn off cast shadows (improves speed by about 50%). Shadow Settings are found In GroBoto's right-side panels, second tab, Display Settings.
  • Image Size - The smaller the object you are editing on the screen, the faster it redraws. Zoom out in the Camera panel until the drawing speed is more comfortable.


Known Issues:
1. OpenGL Phong Shading
We developed a Custom OpenGL Phong shader. It is used by some Mesh Preview modes.
Some OS X version/Mac Model/Open GL cards combinations must use a special version of that Shader.

Unfortunately, we can not yet automatically detect which setups need which version.
If you see problems (most likely in the form of black object rendering (with no wireframes or shading), then you should switch to the 'Safer (slower)' mode.

2. Older Video Issues

Video/OpenGL/Drawing Problems.
We believe these issues have now been fixed,
but the fix has not yet been tested on a wide range of Macs.
We are leaving these notes up just in case.

If you had previously fixed a Video problem by changing the Preferences Settings shown below,
please try setting them back to their defaults (both highlighted checkboxes un-checked).
This will improve performance, and help us verify that the fix is complete.

You only need to read this section if you are experiencing one of these problems.
  • GroBoto Fails to launch and a ‘No pixel format...’ message is found in the crash log.
  • Blank (gray) workspace or incomplete (clipped) redrawing of the GroBoto scene when editing objects.
If you see either of these, please try disabling the Mesh Snapshot feature in the GroBoto Preferences...

If GroBoto launches but you see drawing problems, (blank workspace, and/or incomplete updating when editing), open the Preferences Panel (Main Menu > GroBoto > Preferences), and check the ‘Disable OpenGL Antialiasing’ and ‘Force Full Workspace Blit’ boxes. Then quit and relaunch GroBoto. If that fixes the problem, you can try switching just one at a time. In any case... if the fix helps or not, please let us know know.

In nearly all cases, we've found that just checking the
'Disable OpenGL Antialiasing box' fixes the problem. Quit and relaunch of GroBoto Required.


If GroBoto won’t launch, you’ll need to edit the Prefs file manually. Here’s where you’ll find it in the Finder (Home/Library/GroBoto/Prefs.xml). Right click to open it in TextEdit.

Look for the OpenGL line -- it will look like this:
<OpenGL DispLists="1"/> or this: <OpenGL DispLists="1" betaFlags="0"/>

change it to this:
<OpenGL DispLists="1" betaFlags="3"/>

Save the Prefs file and try launching GroBoto again.

2. File saving with Accented Characters in Filenames

This has been fixed in the current release, 3.0.1.
On some systems, GroBoto will not save files with accented characters (like ë â ŏ).
If you have trouble, Please limit your filenames to plain, un-accented characters.
Apologies for the inconvenience. This has been addressed and will be working properly in version 3.0.1.

Help with Registering GroBoto or Starting the Trial Version:

Registering GroBoto
  • Make sure all three fields match your confirmation email exactly - Cut & Paste recommended.
  • Be sure you have the right code - All Version 3 codes start with GV3P
  • Click the Register button.

Starting a Trial
  • Always leave the Name and email fields blank.
  • If you have an Extended 30-Day Full Function Trial Code, enter it in the Code field.
  • Click the Start Trial button (do not press the return key or click the Register button)

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