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If your main interest is Modeling & Mesh Creation...
Here are some good places to start:

Tutorial Videos - Also see the GroBoto YouTube Channel linked below
Modeling Basics
Boolean Modeling
Interface - Mac OS X
Interface - Windows

If this is your first version of GroBoto...
You should also get the GroBoto v2 Documentation PDF. It covers v2 functionality & tools that are essentially unchanged in version 3 (link & description below).

These pages will be updated as GroBoto continues to evolve..
Please check in often for more documentation and Videos...
or post on our Forum, if you don't find what you are looking for.

Other Resources & Help:

Installation, Registration, Trial Version Notes & Help:
OS X Installation Page - Installing and Registering, Starting the Trial Version.
Windows Installation Page - Installing and Registering, Starting the Trial Version.

Other Sites & Documentation:

GroBoto Forum - Get your questions answered, talk with the Team & GroBoto Artists.
GroBoto YouTube Channel - A good overview of GroBot's workflow -- shown in a variety of forms including Step-by-Step tutorials & time-lapse captures.

Detailed PDF Notes & Reference:

Each of these PDFs contain detailed information on Meshing Exporting - going beyond what is found on this site.
NEW • Updated May 9 • Mesh & Map Notes
Comprehensive Notes on Exporting Meshes & Maps:
Download PDF or View PDF Online

GroBoto v2 PDF Documentation Download:

Mac OS X Version PDF
Essential if this is your first version of GroBoto.
PDFs are Large, (25 Meg - about 140 pages), Fully Illustrated.

Important Note: Some of the information in these PDFs are outdated due to v3 changes and improvements. This site & the other resources mentioned and linked above are the best sources of v3 information.

The v2 PDFs are most useful for:

  • Bots & Bot Morph Animation
  • GroBoto Native Textures & Maps

The v2 PDFs are outdated or lacking information regarding:

  • OBJ Export - Including Unified SeamNet Export
  • Booleans
  • Modeling Enhancements
  • Workspace-Based Modeling, Navigation & Hot Keys
  • New Camera UI and functionality