Boolean Modeling Videos • Creating & Editing Custom Booleans
Important Note: All contain useful information 'tho some are a bit outdated. The most current are:
• 'Helmet' Video is a quick run through the Boolean Creation & Editing process, touching on many aspects.
• 'Goblet' Videos - Goblet Part 2 is a very good step-by-step of the essentials of Boolean Cluster Creation.
In those, Mac & Windows, interface functionality is nearly identical (Windows Control Key = Command Key on OS X) .

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Mac Universal badge vidObit-LibraryPlaceCluster vidObit-LibraryDDCluster vidObit-BoolToolLasso vidObyte-LibBoolCreate

spacerwindowsBTN wBoolArch-mini GobletFull-b-1-mimi Goblet-s3-mini
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