A Few Things You Should Know...

SeamNet Meshes
  • We expect most models to work with SeamNet meshing including complex models and Bot-Generated geometry. However, there are still a couple of known problems and some practical limitations. Please see the Mesh pages before attempting to create meshes from complex geometry. [See Mesh Pages]
  • Ducts are NOT supported by the SeamNet Mesh Generator. Any model containing Duct Objects will not work with SeamNet meshes. (Duct Objects are created by enabling the Duct Option in the Bot Panel or using the Duct Conversion tools in the ‘Selection & Groups Panel)
  • Some Primitive Types are not supported by the SeamNet Mesh Generator. Some Primitives are automatically converted to simpler forms, others will not be included in the mesh at all.

Converted Primitives
  • Beveled Boxes, Cones, Cylinders • Converted to Un-Beveled counterparts
  • OctaCylinder, OctaCylinder Beveled • Converted to Simple Cylinders

Ignored Primitives
(will be completely excluded from mesh)
  • Duct Objects
  • Eylet

General Issues

  • Performance has no been optimized. Some new tools (like Boolean Editing) may feel a bit sluggish at times. We will improve this performance in coming releases.
  • X-Mirror Symmetry Only. This version only supports single-axis (X) symmetry. Various mirroring menu items, and the Flex Tools, all work in World X. If you need symmetry on a different axis, you can rotate the objects after editing using Global Rotation and Angle snapping. [See Modeling Pages]

Mac OS X and Windows Version Differences
  • Mac OS X v3.0 has been released, Windows v3 is in Beta.
  • Windows Custom Boolean Tools - Fully functional, but some interface items not yet implemented.
  • Windows Full Flex Tools not yet implemented.

Please send all questions and Bug Reports to the v3 Feedback & Bugs section of the GroBoto Forum. If we need to see your .gbr (Scene) file, we will let you know. See the next item: ‘Auto Saving of Temporary Files’.