!! IMPORTANT !! version 2.9.4 (uploaded 01.13.10) had a serious bug - Please download 2.9.4b.

Latest Videos - for version 2.9.4b or later - Latest version and additional info available here: GroBoto Beta Site

Freestyle Character Modeling Freestyle Character v294
Easy, fast seat-of-your-pants Character creation

FlexForm Character Modeling FlexForm Character v294
Building a Character around a FlexForm Network

Modeling Tools-294 - New & Updated Info Modeling-294
Modeling Basics with both New & Updated info - Snap, Align, Rotate & Flex Tools

Earlier Videos - Interface items may have changed, these videos are still relevant - some have been updated.

FlexForm Example-9a FlexForm-9a
Building A FlexForm from scratch & editing it with Flex Tools

New Modeling Tools-9a Modeling-9a
Modeling Basics - Snap, Align, Rotate & Flex Tools

SeamNet Mesh Preview & Export 9a Mesh-9a
SeamNet Mesh Basics - Setting Densities, Previewing, Exporting