Auto, Draw & Build Bots

From fully automated, morphable, algorithmic forms, to freehand bot-powered drawing, to intelligent editing, Bots are the core of GroBoto.

Explore complex forms in real time with AutoBots. Create mesmerizing morph animation sequences.

Scribble in three dimensions with DrawBots, interactive tools that work in real time within a fully rendered scene.

Refine and construct with BuildBots that react and respond to any objects you touch in your scene.



GroBoto’s proprietary texture technology combines the freedom and flexibility of bit-mapped images (TIFF files), with seamless, pattern-less, distortion free, flicker-free mapping and tiling.

This technology was developed specifically to accommodate the unique and complex geometry groBoto generates.

Whether you are animating or producing high resolution images, these textures produce  incredible results.

Camera, Lights, Fog,

Sky Gradients, &  Stars

Adjust groBoto’s Cameras and Lights directly in the main workspace, or with our handy control widgets.

Directional shadow casting lights and omnidirectional falloff lights are available.

Fog, Sky color Gradients and Stars provide a ‘sense of place’ Both flavors of fog (Depth & Layered), are adjusted in real time on your fully rendered scene. Our ‘Sticky Fog’ option maintains the fogs effect even as you change your viewpoint.


Drag AutoBots into the Morph Panel and create fantastic animation sequences. Our unique Kinetic Morph engine blends parametric, and positional morphing with Bot motion and natural, fluid kinetics to produce animation that goes well beyond traditional morphing.

Animate Camera, Lights, and Fog to further enhance your movie.

Our proprietary rendering engine and texture technology produce unparalleled quality in record time... usually no more than a few seconds per frame.

See the Galleries page, for more on our tools and interface (Screen Shots section)... and what they deliver (Images & Movies sections)Galleries.html

Create & Save: Scenes, Bots, Animation Sequences, Textures.

Output: TIFF & JPEG; QuickTime & Windows Media.

Export: Wavefront OBJ polygon meshes.

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