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Just a few comments from our users:

I played with the demo for about five minutes and registered without hesitation. I can't believe that this app exists...

This is the most exciting and empowering application I've used for a long time, it's amazing. My clients are going to be seriously blown away.

- velocity_uk

I thought that this software had gone the way of the dodo bird... extinct... gone forever!  But NOOOOO - it's back and better than I had ever expected. 

...thank you for this brief opportunity to express my appreciation to all of those who worked on revising the code... this is cool stuff!

Cheers -

- Peter Y.

Bought the upgrade today as soon as I saw it on your site. Truly a marvelous new version - It was well worth the wait! I never expected we'd be able to adjust the autobots in real time. I'm overwhelmed!

Thanks for all the hard work you and your team put into this! 

Back to playtime...  :-)

Groboto 2.0 is amazing! Compared to v1.6, it's more like a v5.

Great Work!!

- Paul K.

First let me say how happy I am to be playing with groboto again. It was a long time coming to OSX - and it was well worth the wait...

...I also really like your additional render settings inside groboto especially those outline styles.

...Groboto reminds me of the best things I liked about Kai's applications - that sense of play. But you've gone beyond that with your realtime feedback and speed.

Thanks again - glad to be a customer.

Keep up the great work : )

- Scott

My weekend is shot - my wife will scream - But I am all over it !!!

Thank you !!

- Bud P.

hello grobotos!

this is very exciting! what an awesome app.

i just learned about it this week when someone came into my studio looked at my work and asked me if i created all of it in groboto. ??

'uh, no, i made it all by hand..' i answered- wondering, 'what the hell is groboto?'

so, i googled it and BLAM!

...i have used rapid prototyping in some of my work before, but nothing as organic, or fast.

thanks!! i love it!

- nanopod

Gotta tell 'ya, Man -- this beast that you've created is an 11 on a scale of 1-to-10.

Thank you so very much for putting it together. And please give my compliments to the other chefs, too.


- Steve K.

You guys have done an amazing amount of work on GroBoto and this is gonna be wayyyy too much fun!

- Cecilia

Hi Guys!

I just purchased GroBoto (It ROCKS!) a couple of days ago, and wanted to share my first movie with you. It's a combination of GroBoto, AfterEffects and SonicFire Pro. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!


- Stanton

May I congratulate all the software designers. The thousands of hours gone into coding the program have been well worth while indeed. It is truly a remarkable program. The animation is quite outstanding and the interface very easy to use, once the procedure has been learnt.

- Paul C.


...and a few more:

I'm blown away. I've got most of the interface down, I will be able to start making some real stuff

with it. It will definitely be a fun thing to mess around with... I love the realtime stuff, the shadows are awesome!  I can really go off on this...

- Meats M.

...I absolutely LOVE it... Great application. Thanks

- Shamms M.

Hello!  I've been looking at Groboto for some time and just purchased it the other day.  I'm really, really impressed with it.  As a complete non-artist, this is the first real software I've used that helps me create something artistic, instead of just getting in the way.

-Dave L.

...Perfect install and running flawlessly...I love Groboto and have no idea why the world isn't beating a path to your door.

It would appear people either haven't even heard of it or seem to think it just another snooty egghead fractal program...

I use it for making beautiful and interesting backgrounds for my Poser people.

- Lindy I.

I love this application, I really is a lot of fun. I have been posting some of my bot pictures on the forum user picture gallery.

Thanks for making such a cool app....

- Jamie H.

Hi there...You have an incredible product. I work for Apple doing Educational Sales to over 50 colleges and universities in New York City...

- Daniel C.

...you guys have really gone the extra mile ; this is the program I have been waiting years for ... it is intuitive, and provides you with simple but powerful tools to create exactly the sort of abstract works I'm interested in. I just wanted to thank you guys for making it possible for me to create two unique works, Cephapodophilia and DjangoBot, that allowed me entrance last year into the Amsterdam Film Experience

bravo to you cats!

- David W.

Groboto is a delight to work with!

Thank you immensely for a really great software experience!

- David G.

I received your letter and had already purchased the upgrade for my Mac. Groboto and I have been getting acquainted with one another today and when I opened it, all I could say was WOW!  I think we are going to enjoy many hours of creativity together this Winter. I am a retired Art Director / Graphic Artist, now a painter and digital artist. After trying the new Groboto 2, I understand why there was such a long, long, long delay on this version. I want to thank you and your staff for a terrific product. You have a real winner.

- Dane L.

...downloaded the demo version yesterday <grin>

I've been playing with it ever since ...lol!

Also to let you know, the Demo obj files loaded fine in Mojoworld ...

Brilliant piece of software you guys of produced, and the Manual's readable too



  1. -David F

Hello groboto team, I am a self taught artist studying 3d, and a huge fan. I just wanted to share a movie I did using your software. I wish you and the company continued success.

Thanks again,

- Daniel N.